Senior Tradesperson Sheetmetal

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June 30, 2021


Senior Tradesperson Sheetmetal

  • Trevaskis Engineering

Michael Mason

04 1987 4103

Job Information
Indicative Pay

N/A Annual Salary

Minimum employment requirements

Driver licence, Flexible / rotating rosters

Type of Employment


Job Description

The Senior Tradesperson Sheetmetal reports to the Production Supervisor and is responsible for the training of apprentices and team members.

Key Responsibilities
The position of Senior Tradesperson Sheetmetal is responsible to:
1. Undertake a wide range of Sheetmetal activities to industry standards.
2. Apply Innovative Practices Within Sheetmetal Manufacturing Activities.
3. Participate Actively As A Team Member
4. Teach/Coach Apprentices And Team Members
5. Supervision / positive leadership

Responsibilities Explained:
1. Undertake A Wide Range Of Sheetmetal Manufacturing Activities
1.1. The range of production processes involved in the Sheetmetal Factory are identified and their capabilities explained
1.2. Sheetmetal jobs are correctly matched with processes
1.3. The range of Sheetmetal processes are undertaken and applied according to Trevaskis Engineering standards
1.4. Engineering drawings are understood and can be explained

2. Apply Innovative Practices Within Sheetmetal Manufacturing Activities
2.1. Solutions to problems associated with Sheetmetal activities are identified and applied
2.2. Variations to Sheetmetal trade practices are developed to deal with production and or design challenges
2.3. New ideas are developed to enhance the quality and productivity performance of the Sheetmetal activities

3. Participate Actively As A Team Member
3.1. Team members are supported and encouraged within a wide range of workplace situations
3.2. Safe and healthy work practices are applied to all workplace activities
3.3. Team meetings are actively participated in
3.4. A positive image is established and maintained to promote Trevaskis Engineering’s position in the Engineering Manufacturing Industry

4. Teach/Coach Apprentices And Team Members
4.1. Apprentice learning styles are identified and explained
4.2. Teaching and coaching strategies are matched with apprentices and team members learning styles
4.3. Feedback on development progress is provided to apprentices and team members
4.4. Apprentice skill and knowledge is assessed against Trevaskis Engineering Competency Standards

5. Supervision / positive leadership
5.1 will undertake supervisor and training of other staff
5.2 set the example for others
5.3 demonstrate a positive attitude to work and work colleagues
5.4 demonstrate an ability to take ownership of projects
5.5 support Supervisors, Engineers and Management to contribute to the continual improvement of the business.

Personal Attributes, skills and qualifications
• Be committed to the company’s values and goals
• Be reliable, conscientious, vigilant, enthusiastic and consistent
• Be an effective team member and demonstrate leadership skills
• Have a positive ‘can do’ attitude
• Work unsupervised and be self-motivated
• Must be able to communicate well with all
• Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and schedule
• Demonstrate the ability to manage and prioritise tasks
• Willingness to work overtime when required
• A Sheetmetal Trade qualification
• An ability and commitment to lead a team
• Planning and problem solving skills
• Communication and negotiation skills

Conditions of employment:
• Conditions of employment are as per the Metal, Engineering & Associated Industries Award
• Should be able to extend hours of work as required
• Remuneration would be relative to competency and relevant experience.

Performance criteria:
• Attitude and interaction with, management and other staff
• Attention to specific tasks and responsibilities of the position as listed above.
• Flexibility and enthusiasm in working towards a common goal.
• Refer to Staff Evaluation and The Employee Performance and Development Review (Key Performance Indicators).

The Senior Tradesperson Sheetmetal is expected to take full ownership of this role. The role will also overlap with Senior staff and other team members from time to time making teamwork and excellent communication a priority in this role.

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