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Add content to promote your business

Add your business to the directory

By adding your business to the directory, you:

- Can be found when business searches the directory

- Improve your SEO / ranking!

Check to see if your business already exists by searching for it in the Directory

Publish good news from your business

If you have news that you'd like local businesses know about, write a short noticeboard post and keep your brand in their minds. (examples: you did some fundraising, hired a new staff member, got some new equipment, etc.). Think "Content Marketing!"

Promote your event

A single calendar with only business related events; targeted networking, professional development, or training.

Write an business article blog post

By writing a blog post in Localised, you can stay front of mind with existing clients and promote yourself as an expert in your field to many local prospects. Think "Content Marketing!"

Add a business network!

By adding your Business Network (chamber of commerce, Meetup group, business association) to the directory, you can be found by new prospective members!

See what other local businesses are doing.

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