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Shepparton Foodshare has distributed more than 2.5 million kilograms of food to people in need since 2012.

Foodshare rescues and receives donations of food to redistribute to those in ‘necessitous circumstances’ in the Goulburn Valley. On average 300,000 kilograms of food is distributed to registered emergency relief agencies, schools and churches annually.

To deliver this service, Foodshare partners with supermarkets, business and other food rescue agencies state-wide to provide nutritious food. Foodshare stores the food according to regulation guidelines to extend the shelf life of the donated/rescued food to then provide nutritious meals and prevent edible food entering the waste stream.

Foodshare is the only local food rescue agency, there is no other agency offering the services that Foodshare does locally. Foodshare’s role as a food collection, warehousing, redistribution service also relieves businesses from dealing with the 100 agencies who formerly sought support via food/financial donations, streamlining processes for businesses who want to donate, and agencies who need food for people they support. An additional benefit of this process is, food waste is separated from plastic packaging, with vegetable waste provided as farm animal food, and plastic waste redirected from landfill to recycling.

Along with the positive impact of providing nutritious food to those that would otherwise go hungry, the social impact of Shepparton Foodshare also flows to the more than 20 volunteers whose combined work each week exceeds 120 hours or around 75% of the hours required to operate Shepparton Foodshare. These volunteers benefit from and contribute to a sense of community resilience and connectedness, and have the opportunity to gain pre-employment and vocational skills.

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