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Most people wouldn’t do their own dentistry, but many people think that they can DIY when buying and investing in property.

For most people, property is the single biggest asset they will own, but won't seek out the right advice before taking the leap of faith.

73% of investors never get past their first property. Thats because they get sub-par results, and that's if they haven't lost money on the asset. Thats not investing, that's gambling!

Where does Lush Property fit in? I tailor a solution for YOU. Every persons situation is different, therefore not every investment strategy is the same

Lush Property was born out of a need for an independent property advisory service based in regional Victoria, which is suited to and tailored for locals. With over a decade of property experience, I will get you on the fast track.


59 644 457 107

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Luke Jorgensen - Director
Buyers advocacy, property development, property investment, valuation

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