Agriculture & Horticulture

Greater Shepparton is a vibrant, diverse and progressive region located in the agriculture rich Goulburn Valley. As Victoria's fifth largest provincial centre, Greater Shepparton is a region of significant economic and social importance to the state.

Located on both the Goulburn and Broken Rivers, Greater Shepparton is a key regional centre with regards to agriculture production. Often referred to as the "Food Bowl of Australia" the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District, which comprises Greater Shepparton, accounts for 25 per cent of the total value of Victoria's agriculture production. The region has a strong export focus with substantial growth projections.

Related Careers

If you want to build a career in Agriculture or Horticulture, you should consider the following types of roles that suit your skills, experience and capabilities:

Production and Sales. Operating a business or managing an orchard, vegetable farm, greenhouse, flower or plant shop, nursery, landscaping service, garden center, or food processing firm. Public Gardens. Marketing. Research. Teaching. Industry Support. Inspection. Landscape Construction and Management.