GROW Greater Shepparton (Growing Regional Opportunities for Work) is a collaborative program where business, government and community organisations are supported to work together to strengthen social and economic outcomes and increase job opportunities through procurement and employment across the Goulburn Valley.

An introduction to GROW Greater Shepparton

GROW Greater Shepparton seeks to support the growth of jobs and the regional economy, while targeting the achievement of employment outcomes for the key identified communities facing barriers to employment, helping ensure everyone can participate in a growing economy.

Launched in August 2018, and with the Committee for Greater Shepparton selected as the "backbone" organisation to lead the implementation, GROW Greater Shepparton is working towards the following objectives:

Big Artwork

Objective 1

Maximising the impact of local and regional spend on economic output and jobs in the Greater Shepparton and Goulburn Valley Regions.

Objective 2

Creating sustainable employment opportunities for the following communities:

  • - Young people (15-24yrs)
  • - People with a disability
  • - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • - Refugees and migrants
  • - Long-term unemployed (unemployed for 12+ months)


Underemployment is rising across Victoria, with most newly created jobs associated with the gig economy offering lower average wages, part-time hours and reduced protection for workers.

Across Greater Shepparton, workforce participation was only 56.4% (2018), under the Victorian rate of 60.5%.

With Greater Shepparton's Gross Regional Product growing by 3.5% (2018) it's clear we need to act now to enable locals to participate in this growing economy.


Driven by strategic imperatives and with the support of local partners, GROW Greater Shepparton is embedding an innovative approach to local economic development to improve social impact in the region

  • - Building a stronger regional economy
  • - Increasing the number of local people employed in local jobs
  • - Increasing employment opportunities for key target communities


GROW Greater Shepparton work as a catalyst and capacity builder, inspiring local actions, activating local collaborations and building the capacity of regional stakeholders to embed and sustain the GROW Greater Shepparton approach.

In this way, local regeneration, social impact and economic development will be sustained long term.


GROW Greater Shepparton Signatories commit to looking for opportunities to:

  • - The Pro-actively employ job seekers with barriers to work (known as ‘inclusive employment’)
  • - Redirect their spend towards local businesses and to creating social outcomes. These social outcomes can include buying from social enterprise, Aboriginal businesses, or businesses that employ inclusively
  • - GROW Greater Shepparton, part of a Network of GROW initiatives around regional Victoria, will work with each Signatory to assist in the identification, delivery and measurement of regional and individual GROW objectives
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Support provided to GROW Signatories

Support provided to GROW Signatories include;

  • - Development of an annual individualised GROW action plan
  • - Participant data analysis and provision of dashboards and reporting
  • - Access to the GROW Greater Shepparton portal
  • - Procurement and inclusive employment capability assessments
  • - Access to remplan economic modelling tools
  • - Access to procurement and inclusive
    employment training and eLearning
  • - Access to a regional toolkit of procurement and employment recourses including: polices; templates;
    procedures; and evaluation criteria
  • - Participation in compact action networks, regional forums, supplier forums

How can you get involved?

To find out more about becoming a GROW Signatory contact us via the details below:

Leanne Hulm, Program Manager
M: 0413 384 666

GROW Greater Shepparton seeks to drive change in how companies operating in the region do business, leading to improved social outcomes.

By building on local and social procurement and inclusive employment capability, GROW Greater Shepparton seeks to create:

1. A stronger regional economy

2. An increase in the number of local people employed in local jobs

3. An increase in employment opportunities for target cohorts